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Here's an email
from a client who bought
the Log Splitter DVD!

"Charles I thought you
might like to see some
pictures of the Log Splitter
we built from your plans.
It works better than
expected!  See attached

Thanks Jim N.




How to Build a Log Splitter DVD gives you the step by step instructions that you have been looking for.  Now you have a complete blueprint. Here's the real deal...

"If You're Looking For Step by Step, Simple Laid Out Directions, Which You DON'T Have To
Be A ROCKET SCIENTIST or Metal Fabricator
to Build Your Log Splitter...
  You're in the RIGHT PLACE!"

 Find Out Why Hundreds of       People, All Over The USA and CANADA Choose "How to Build a Log Splitter DVD to Build Their Log Splitter!

 Making a Log Splitter can be easier than you think.  Once you see how it's done, you'll walk right through it like you've done it before!

You can crank one out.  I've worked it all out for you: NO guessing, NO Indecision, NO trips to the store to look a Log Splitter over. Just put all the parts together and make it and be done with it.

Each week you're not burning wood, you're throwing your money in an oil or propane tank.  Stop making the oil companies rich.  This winter doesn't have to break the bank.

In Northern Michigan we heat with wood and cold weather isn't so bad when you have a nice even wood heat in the house.

 This DVD shows you step by step hoHow to build a Log Splitterw to make a Log Splitter.

You can make a vertical and horizontal Log Splitter.  A vertical Log Splitter will "save your back and cut your time in half".  I used new parts right out of a catalog...you can use your parts and save big!

You'll see first hand as I walk you
through the process

Was $24.9  Spring Special
Only $6.95

2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by All Ornamental, Inc.

 Here's what my customers have to say:

Good Afternoon Charles
I watch your DVD on log splitter and found it very, very good. The explanations are clear and very visual I am very glad of my purchase Also it is a pleasure to deal with your organization.  Many thanks for everything Please excuse my English, I bought nothing yet it is a winter project I will follow your advice ,after a little investigation in my town

I did not find better price yet if i do I will let you know for sure

best regards


 Spring Special $6.95

2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by All Ornamental, Inc.


Hi Charles; I got my pump and motor from E-Bay. I saved a lot of money. I also got the pump mount and coupling from Tractor Supply. I had the frame from an old Super Mini Splitter that have a rack and pinion set-up. The rack had a tooth broke off, so I'm turning it into hyd. I got my piston from an old skid steer. I would like to thank you for your information and wish you and yours a Happy Holiday.   

John T

Hi Charles, I received the Log Splitter DVD today (Fri. 12/28), I ordered it only 3 days ago SUPER FAST SERVICE and to think there's still Christmas mail in the system  not yet delivered. I'm impressed so far. Love your web site.

Keep up the good work and I'll talk with you soon.

Happy New Year, David

You don't have to figure anything out, I have already done that for you.  Don't make a dozen trips to the hardware store.

See how to:

  • Make the hydraulic tank as part of the axle and frame.

  • Where to cut the holes for all the fittings.

  • Tools to make your projects go fast and easy.

  • Precise measurements so you don't have to figure any thing out.

  • What hoses to use.

  • What fittings to use.

  • What steel to use.

  • Axle hubs and bearings.

 And More...

 This new DVD shows you step by step leaving nothing out on how to build a Log Splitter.

 You can save hundreds of dollars by using your own parts.

This is more than a DVD...it's a complete course on how to build a Log Splitter and I'm only an email away if you need help!


Now's the time to get this step by step information
while you can! 

My Personal GuarantteeYou'll have my full support when you need it...and if you decide this DVD doesn't deliver all the information you need to build your own log splitter, I'll refund your money any time within 60 days of purchase!


 How to Build a Wood Splitter DVD

Now Only $6.95 DVD

2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by All Ornamental, Inc.

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