Log Splitter Parts List -Quick List

Here is a list of the parts that you will need.

A two stage hydraulic oil pump rated at a maximum of 11 gallons per minute at 2500 psi

  A  4-inch diameter, 24-inch long hydraulic cylinder

  A Control Value with detent for auto stop on return stroke

  A 5 HP Engine

Hydraulic Pump Mounting Bracket-make sure to check  mounting bracket  for motor sizes.  The Mounting Bracket listed below will be for a 5 hp Briggs and Stratton Engine.

Love Joy Couplings-  1/2" for the Two Stage Pump and 3/4" for the 5 hp motor.  Use a flex coupling to  mount your engine to pump. Synthetic rubber inserts between the coupling halves. When ordering, get one to fit the motor  3/4" and one to fit the pump shaft diameter 1/2". Order two halves plus insert for complete coupling.

Suction Strainer-Suction strainer. Mounts through-the-wall of the reservoir using a 1-1/2in. NPT weld flange

Return Line Filter Assembly with 3/4in. NPT ports with bypass for cold start protection

Filler Strainer Breather Cap Assembly-¼ turn bayonet style filler

Tie Down Stub Axles

Reliable High Speed 5-Lug Bolt Hub Set — 2000-Lb. Capacity-Pre-assembled and pre-greased, ready to install

5-Hole High Speed Standard Rim Design Trailer Tire Assembly

3" Coupler